Working on the next one

So I had a couple of weeks break after releasing Cloudop. I needed to refresh my creativity a little.

Now, however, I'm back into it. I'm working on my next game (hopefully I release it!). It's a game where you control the ticket gate to a stadium (sports stadium). You've got two groups of fans - one for each team - queuing up to get in and you must open the right gate/clip the right ticket for each side. If you mix it up and put opposing fans through the same gate, they start a fight and you have to start again.

It'll be an endless, tapping, highscore-driven mobile title, set to release on Android!

Here's a very, very early work-in-progress prototype screenshot for the game:

Right now, you tap the right side of the screen for the guys in red shirts and the left for the green shirts.

I look forward to sharing my progress!