Game officially named and more!

Hey guys!

So I've been crook this week (poor me!) but managed to get some work down on the game. Before I show you some footage though, I've come up with an official name: A Journey to Tower!

I've fixed an issue with tileset scaling by taking the tilesets I used, offsetting them by a couple of pixels, and adding blend/bleed around the edges to help them seamlessly scale (you may notice some artifacting, particularly on buildings, in earlier GIFs).

And the biggest progress I've made this week is the introduction of interiors!

So as you can see by the GIF, you can now enter buildings! This is work in progress and the scale of the interior versus the outside structure may be a little off, but you get the idea!

I may also look into making some sort of blog archive page on the website, as I'm racking up a few posts now and I understand it's a little difficult to look back through my earlier ones.

UPDATE: After some constructive criticism on the aggressive camera swing, I've come up with a sample of smoother camera movement. In the GIF below, the first run is the current camera system, followed by the second run with the smoothed system. Let me know what you think!