So over the last week I've been a little busy and haven't had the chance to focus a LOT on development, however I've still managed to get some down.

I've essentially finished all the maps/areas and the tiling that goes with it! I'd love to show you full maps, but there won't be anything left to explore if I do!

I've also been studying up on using particle systems so I'll be adding some subtle effects before the game's released.

As for what I have to show; I've added fauna into A Journey to Tower! Well a couple of species anyway - chickens and some sort of cattle. I don't know if I will add more, but for now they present a nice little distraction from the rest of the game!

The game is coming along nicely and there has been some story progression that I've noted down for once that's all implemented, but there's still a fair bit of work to go!

Hope everyone is having a good week!