Late implementation of core mechanics


Don't do this! Haha... Implementing gameplay mechanics this late in development isn't really a good idea. It pays to have all the core mechanics in place during prototyping or at least early development. I however decided that it'd be a great idea to add one now, nearing release...

It's not all bad! I had been thinking about this mechanic for a lot of the development, and the implementation of it was a good idea! It's brought a different way of playing A Journey to Tower making it more of a game as opposed to an interactive narative.

Now you have to worry about overheating! It is a desert after all...

Here's a GIF of what happens when you ignore your temperature (obviously temperature increase is sped up for demonstration):

Now obviously if you can overheat there has to be a way of cooling down, right? This is where the interiors take more of a gameplay role than a 'I'm just here to look pretty and add atmosphere' role. You cool down indoors!

So let me say again: I don't EVER recommend adding core mechanics this late but I feel like I had been thinking about this one long enough and it's added more to the game. Maybe it was because I have been working on A Journey to Tower for a while, but I felt the narrative gameplay was tedious (to be fair, I do sort of know the story...) - this definitely added a little something extra!

Cheers all!